Our Favourite Things to Do in Slovenia That Have Nothing to Do with Skiing

Slovenia, though a small country is perfectly formed – replete with unspoiled countryside, exciting cities and quaint chocolate box villages – it’s also fantastic for skiing – but then you probably already knew that – so we’re going to concentrate on Slovenian attractions that you can enjoy in the summertime.

Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia may not be quite as grand as other European capitals or as renowned as nearby Venice in Italy (you can drive between the two in just a little over 2 hours) but it’s a great city to travel to nonetheless. Take time to explore the galleries, museums, ancient building such as the beautiful hilltop castle and the pretty Roman ruins, but if you don’t spend much time here – (it is perfect for weekend breaks)  remember to spend much of it in the city centre, with the famous brick bridges and the calming river flowing underneath them. If you’re there on a Saturday then head to the centre for the Saturday market and spend a little time having a coffee al fresco to do a little people watching amidst the colourful old town facades.

Bled – with it’s stunning collection of mountain peaks that surround an emerald green Alpine lake with a picture-perfect church (complete with bell tower) sitting on an islet,  it is simply beautiful. It’s a wonder that Bled hasn’t already topped a few must-travel lists – though it is one of Slovenia’s most popular resorts – and not just for winter. It draws eclectic crowds in search of a picturesque backdrop for a romantic getaway to adventurists who are drawn to the boating and canyoning available in the area. It’s a pleasure to just float on the lake – enjoying the surrounds – and in the summer it makes for an exquisite picnic area. 

The Slovenian coast – it may be a short stretch of coastline but it’s certainly worth a trip. Piran for example is a beautiful and quaint coastal town that juts out into the Adriatic and is filled with charming Venetian style housing and the narrow alleys that are perfect to explore. The Port of Roses is Slovenia’s answer to Cannes and it comes with a luxurious collection of  hotels with large swimming pools and pretty views over the water. The main street is lined with restaurants serving a nice mix of cuisines from traditional to Mediterranean, and the beach is clean though it gets extremely full in summer. The old towns of Koper and Izola make fantastic day trip options as they are small but filled with nice architecture – Izola’s circular port is especially beautiful with the old town and the church spire looming in the background.