In the Flea Markets of Paris

After having visited the world renowned ‘Louvre’ and ‘Eiffel Tower’, make your next stop the streets that lead to the roads of the flea market of Paris. More than a century old, this market has a lot to offer to all kinds of traveler. From antique artifacts to classic souvenirs, you can grab some really exclusive items that might not be available in other markets of other countries. This antique market has been silently gaining the attention of celebrities as well, and stars like Madonna and Hillary Swank have been frequently sighted here.

The flea market is a surprise package for tourists. It is the best spot to take away antique items at really cheap prices. All you need to have is a good bargaining skill. In fact, all of the best deals are just a bargain away. The vivacity of the place is another great thing to explore. With people from different corners of world visiting the market daily, the place looks utterly colorful and the stores remain functional throughout the year.

Here is some knowledge about a few aspects of this famous market:

The location

Le Marche aux Puces or the Paris Flea Market is located in Saint-Ouen, a city in Paris. It is spread over an area of six hectares. There are Europe car rental services which you can hire to make your journey fast and relaxing. The place is humongous and it is suggested that you have the taxi hired for the entire day so that your commutation throughout the place becomes easy and comfortable.

The insight

Considering the size of the market, especially its maze of stores, it is possible that you might get lost. So, agree for a central location of contact and meet there at the proposed time. The place becomes abuzz as soon as the day starts. The earlier you are getting there, the easier it will be for you to shop. As the day ascends, these markets become extra busier and nosier. Negotiation is your best tool here if you want the best deals on the antique items.

The popularity

Be ready to face at least ten thousand people the day you are going to visit the market. This shopping venue receives 70,000 shoppers per week, 5 million visitors a year.

Take a Europe car rental service and visit this market as fast as you can. The place will surely turn out to be a great help for you. You will be able to find some unique items that will adore your house and will also serve as the best souvenir gift for your friends and relatives. It is also a great way to interact with the locals of Paris and increase your French vocabulary. All said, time for you to check the travel options.