London Taxis

London is home to a variety of somewhat strange tourist attractions – from the London dungeons, through to iconic Red Busses and black cabs. The latter of which is also one of the most relied upon methods of transport in the capital – particularly for those that are new to the capital and find it difficult to navigate. But should you really take the London taxi? Or should you opt for something different?

As well as the black cab – there are another 2 forms of taxi in London – these are the Mini cab and of course Chauffeured Executive services. Mini cabs are much like anywhere else in the world – though beware, it isn’t similar to cities like Moscow where you can pretty much hail any car and they will be happy to drive you. Mini cabs have to be licensed and will have an easily identifiable badge with all the relevant credentials. However, these cabs are often driven by inexperienced drivers with a limited knowledge of the streets but are generally much cheaper than the Black Cabs – best for those on a budget. Chauffeured services are for those who prefer to travel in style – so if you require your driver to be well turned out and driving a shiny Jag or BMW, and of course, if you don’t mind the cost – then go for this.

Of course you can avoid all of these options and take the busses and the underground – or for the most convenience you can take a hire car in London. If you do opt for a hire car do remember that they are much more expensive if you buy them on the day. We recommend booking ahead with Car Rentals Network to help beat the costs of travel in London.