Margate: The Original English Day Trip

Is there anything more British than sitting by the sea, eating fish and chips and watching the world go by? We think not. Reachable in less than 2 hours by car from London, you’ll find the little seaside town is full of sandy beaches, a European- esque cafe culture, retro shops and world-class art galleries, with the likes of the Turner Contemporary gallery, with its showcases of historical works of art side by side with ultra-modern art including pieces by the local, and internationally recognised artist – Tracey Emin. Margate is a little treasure trove of English curios.

From the galleries you could head to the Harbour Arm, which is home to the Margate Harbour Arm Gallery, as well as several studios positioned right on the arm – so you can see actual artists at work, with a soundtrack of the waves, seagulls and boats afloat in the harbour – it’s a poetic experience. Right next to the studios you’ll find the acclaimed BeBeached cafe and the Lighthouse bar – both of which are perfect spots for a meal or a drink while you take in the ambience of Margate’s harbour, and devour the aforementioned fish and chips.

The old town in Margate is full of cafe’s, chic eateries, galleries, pubs and vintage shops – it’s a nice place to unwind and contemplate the many cultures and contrasts that make up England. If you’re in the mood for something with a little faster pace – then try and visit Margate during the annual Jazz festival or the Margate Masters volleyball competitions over summer. Another great British past time is taking a book and an ice cream to the beach – so hit up one of the many ice cream vans or parlours and take to the beach, lay on the sand or in a traditional deck chair and basque in the south east coasts sunshine. The little town can be a joy to explore and is perfect for day trips – and can be enjoyed to the fullest over a weekend.

If you’re on holiday in the UK, then you’ll no doubt drive from London, when visiting Margate – which is easy if you take the A3211 from London followed by the A2, M2, A299 and finally the A28 to the Marine Terrace in Margate, where you’ll be confronted by the quaint fishing village like ambience of the docks.