The Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

The Boat Race between Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club is a much loved annual event that takes place on the River Thames at the beginning of April. First launched in 1829, the race now attracts thousands of visitors who all hunt for great spots to watch along the River Thames and its bridges.

Whether you’re just visiting England or you’re a resident – you really should make it your mission to catch at least one of these exhilarating events This year, the race falls on Sunday April the 6th and  the four and a quarter mile course that runs from Putney to Mortlake is littered with great places to watch from. Just a little down river from Putney bridge, you’ll find spectators in droves hoping to catch the two teams as they warm up – and ultimately begin the race, while The Dove Pub or the Old Ship pub are nice places to head for both views of the race and for a nice light refreshment. Elsewhere in Bishop’s Park there will be a ‘Boat Race in the Park’ event with screens showing the race, beer tents, food and live music or you could simply head to the banks of the (usually very crowded) Thames with friends and a bottle or two of wine and find a spot of your own.

It doesn’t matter if you have no particular allegiance to either team – as this is a social event as much as anything, though if you’re wondering who to shout for, then consider the facts: Oxford have won 77 races to Cambridge’s 81 – so perhaps the underdogs Oxford would appreciate the moral support.