Weekend in Paris? Read This First.

Paris conjures images of romance, fashion, gourmet cuisine and incredible sights. The City of Light is located on a loop of the River Seine, home to the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre that is in turn home to the world-famous Mona Lisa. The city is a treat and easily explorable by car.

For many, the Parisian public transport network is horrendous. It’s true that many trains and the underground are frequent, but the dull stations, the often confusing ticketing system and the dusty somewhat sombre ambience of the trains is sometimes a bit of a downer on what is otherwise a great weekend away. So if you’re already driving to Paris from London or elsewhere in Europe, then you may as well as travel around the sights by car too. That way you can easily visit nearby attractions like Disneyland Paris, Parc Asterix and the phenomenal Palace of Versailles without having to board a packed train. Hiring a car at the airports can be tricky so we’d suggest hiring one to be picked up at one of the central stations before you travel. Use Car Rentals Network to find and book cheap car rentals in advance.

There are a few spots in Paris, that just look so much better at night, and luckily they are all easy to drive around. Start at the Eiffel Tower and look out for the display of twinkling lights that are strewn over the tower at night, then head off to the Boulevard de Clichy to take a look at the Moulin Rouge and the rest of the strip that is inhabited by intricately lit clubs and bars.