Spring in Bruges

Bruges, once the main stay of summer and Winter holiday-makers is quickly gaining popularity for spring travellers, keen to experience the city in a different light. We could attribute this to the charming architecture, complete with age-old bridges over pretty flower framed canals or the city squares, home to civic buildings and cafes, but it’s the spring daffodils that bloom en-masse on the Begijnhof that give the city its enticing springtime charm.

The fairytale appeal of Bruges is still rife throughout the city in springtime, even without the snow-topped cathedrals and icy waterways, the cobbled streets that lead to photogenic market squares, shadowed by the looming churches and soaring towers above, all click together under the mild spring sun. It’s easy to lose yourself in the historic alleys as you take in the scents of the season, sip a coffee on one of many town squares and explore the exquisite churches or the gothic Basilica of the Holy Blood, which is nestled on the charming burg square. If you’re a photographer, then you’ll love Bruges in the spring – flowers dot the city and though there are visitors, the streets are less chaotic than in the summer months – giving opportunities to capture this fairytale city without too many interruptions and adorned in its spring best.

A must see for the city is the historic centre where every street is a work of art. We suggest you take a boat through the canals and on the river; it’s possible to gain a whole new perspective on the city from the water – though be sure to head out when the sun shines to get the most of it, as it can be a little disheartening to get caught on the water during a rain storm. There are a bunch of museums in the city, enough to keep even the most hardened of history buff happy, but for something truly Belgian, head to the Choco-Story Chocolate museum where you can explore the origins of Cocoa and sample delicious Belgian chocolates – it’s the perfect place to head should the weather take a turn for the worse or if you simply want to taste heaven before leaving for home.