Travelling: A Mini Guide for the Novice Traveller

Everyone does it. Whether it’s by foot, rail, car or boat, we all feel the need to go somewhere. But what is really scary is the fact that some people are just no good at it. Travellers to London still buy day rail cards rather than saving up to 50% by buying an Oyster card, business travellers hire cars from kiosks rather than booking online and saving hundreds of pounds, while international travellers still buy their cheap air fairs with Easyjet rather than book in advance with British Airways for the same price (with luggage included!).

In truth, much of the problem is because of the over saturation of the travel market, with hotels offering travel insurance, and insurance companies offering flights – it’s all a bit much. But in reality, to be a smart traveller, all you need to do is think, plan ahead and use your common sense. Shopping around, when done in advance, will always get you a better deal on things like car hires, hotels and flights, so make sure you do it. Sometimes the devil really is in the details, so check the small print whenever you book anything… just in case the offer really is too good to be true. Equally if you’re booking a car, don’t forget that it’s not always easier to pick it up at an airport – sometimes, a train station or landmark will be just as convenient and will often work out cheaper.

The most important point of all is to book in advance, whether it’s your hotel or flight, train tickets or car hires – booking in advance always works, and for the best prices use comparison services like Skyscanner for flights and of course Car Rentals Network for car hires in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.