Travelling Via London City Airport

London’s city airport may be smaller than the likes of Heathrow, Gatwick and the other London airports, but with its lengthening list of destinations such as New York, Zurich, Florence and Stockholm, and it’s close proximity to Central London, it’s quickly becoming a popular and convenient airport for both foreign and domestic travel.

If you’re travelling to London via City airport, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s just a matter of minutes away from Stratford and the Westfield mall, and just 20 minutes away from tourist hubs like London Bridge, Tower Bridge and Bank. So not only is it a good option for tourists wanting an easy to get to airport with good transport links and close proximity to all the attractions, but it’s also good for business travellers who need convenience – it’s just a quick drive to Canary Wharf from the airport. The airport is quickly growing too, with a good selection of restaurants, bars, shops and cafes at your disposal. You can also hire your car directly at the airport, though it’s recommended to arrange your rental car before you arrive. You can easily use a car hire comparison service such as Car Rentals Network to ensure you get the best car hire deals, and get exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you get to the airport and have gathered yourself with a quick coffee and picked up the keys to your car, you can hit the road and head directly into London via the A1020 and A3211. Because of its location, you’ll find that the route is perfect for a little bit of pre-sightseeing before you get to the main events in Central London. The route will take you down by the Thames river through Canary Wharf, the picturesque villages of Rotherhithe and Poplar where you can see the docklands developments, onwards through top tourist destinations like Tower Bridge and London Bridge – all in less than 30 minutes. From there, if you’re staying in Central London then you shouldn’t find it too hard to find your hotel as you’re not too far away from Westminster, Regent’s Park and the rest of central London and some of England’s top attractions.

You’ll note that the airport itself is located on a former Docklands site, and that the runway is surrounded by water with the towering skyscrapers of Canary Wharf just a little way off in the distance. This in itself makes for a wonderful introduction to East London, with the Thames just moments away, the shining lights of the skyscrapers and the quickly changing architecture of what was once a buzzing industrial area, so if you can, you should explore the surrounds of the airport too before either heading into London or before boarding your flight home.