Valentines Day and Car Hire

Valentines day tends to put a lot of pressure on people to in England. Couples feel the need to shower each other in rose petals, chocolates and diamonds, while admirers secretly send cards and flowers, but many people fail to see, that simple ideas can work just as well to achieve something just a little different but very special.

If you’re in the city and not much of a driver then you’ll probably never think of using a car to give a special gift to a loved one this year. But surprising your other half with a car on valentines day and a drive to the countryside, or to the White Cliffs of Dover for a romantic seaside picnic will whisk them off their feet – it might be cold though so don’t forget coats and umbrellas, and no doubt be a little surprising too. From the capital you can travel almost in any direction and find something wonderful. Just exploring and a little adventure could turn out to be the romantic kick you were in need of.

The beach isn’t something people tend to think about at this time of year, in Britain anyway, but a secluded beach, under a starlit sky can be the perfect place to park up, slip on some romantic songs and while away the night in each others company. You might be thinking that a car hire might be a little expensive, but it’s really not that bad – you can use Car Rentals Network to compare deals, find a perfect car, and even a perfect pick up point. It might be that you just want to drive to your restaurant of choice so you want to be able to pick up and drop off your rental car near home – if that’s the case just take a look at the long list of pick up points available and choose the one that’s right for you.