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Welcome to Graz

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Graz is often referred to as Austria’s capital of architecture, with a mixture of architectural styles to feast your eyes on, it’s a beautiful city to explore from the road or on foot. We have a big selection of car rentals for Graz and you can browse all of the best deals from the top providers right here on our website. Once you land in Graz, you can pick up your car hire from either the city or from the airport - and if you land at night - we recommend having a drive into Graz city centre as that’s when the city really comes alive with live jazz played all over the city.


Graz - The Facts


  • Graz is the second largest city in Austria. Second only to Vienna

  • Graz has a relatively small population of just a little over 300,000 people

  • Graz is built around the mountain peak of Scholssberg, on which you’ll find the ruins of a 15th century fortress and a clock tower


Graz - A short Guide

The city of Graz has an interesting history that dates back to Roman times, with multiple architectural styles, a high student population and a lively cafe culture - the city was named the European capital of culture back in 2003. It’s one of those cities that is perfectly wonderful to leisurely explore, walking the streets of the old town, sipping at a coffee on the cobbled backstreets, watching the locals mingle with tourists amidst centuries old architecture - it can be just as charming as Bruges and Amsterdam - and for many, even more so. The old town has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO and there is lots to explore there including the charming Glockenspiel clock tower, Italian-style palazzi and hidden courtyards - it is a treasure trove of tourist sites.


You can easily get to Graz from most European cities across England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Many airlines fly directly to Graz Airport including Lufthansa and Ryanair and you can easily fly from Vienna if you’re already in the country. On arrival to the airport you’ll find the car rental desks on the ground floor of the parking deck, though the five rental desks here are often busy during peak times, so it’s better to book ahead. You can compare all of the rental deals for Graz right here on Car Rentals Network to ensure you get the best price. Once you have your car, you’ll find the journey into Graz is pleasant, and that roads in general are good in Austria, so this coupled with the beautiful scenery in Graz make for a wonderful driving experience.


Graz has given itself the label of not just the Architectural capital of Austria - but the culinary capital too and we can testify that the food is wonderful. To keep up with this culinary image - the city offers many events over the summer which are all very much food focused - so be sure to check out the many exhibitions and events if you’re there in the summer - keep in mind that many have live demonstrations - so expect to get hungry! Another claim to fame for the small city is as the birthplace as the terminator himself - Arnold Schwarzenegger, though the sports arena that was originally named after him was changed when he showed support for the death penalty as Governor of California, as it goes against the city’s liberal ideology.


If you feel like travelling from Graz to Vienna then you’ll find that it’s a nice scenic drive eastwards along the A2 road that takes just a little over an hour and a half or, if you want the truly scenic route you should head out on the A9. If you’re travelling between the two cities with a hire car, then you may need to arrange to have a different drop off point to your original pick up - but bear in mind that this usually incurs additional costs so it might work out better to drive back to Graz and drop off your car there.

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