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Welcome to Salzburg

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Salzburg is a picturesque city in central Austria, close to the Bavarian side of the German border. it’s the 4th largest city in Austria, so don’t expect a sprawling metropolis but instead a beautiful medieval style city with quaint cobbled alleyways and world famous baroque architecture that lend the city an atmosphere not too dissimilar to Bavaria’s Nuremberg. This top European destination is perhaps most famous for being the setting for the film The Sound of Music. There’s a lot to see and do in and around Salzburg and the nearby ski slopes so it’s best to explore it all by car. The prices for daily car hire are quite low in Salzburg and can be lower still when using our car rental comparison service for Salzburg.

Salzburg - The Facts


  • The local population of Salzburg is quite low with a little under than 150,000 inhabitants which helps to lend a small town feeling throughout the city

  • The highest mountain in the region is the Grossvenediger which has an elevation of 3,666 metres

  • Salzburg was the birthplace to one of Austria’s most famous composers - Mozart. You can even visit his birthplace - a house that was used by Mozart and his family during the 18th century and located in the heart of the city

  • The city of Salzburg is located on the banks of the Salzach River just a little north of the Austrian Apls

  • The name Salzburg literally means Salt Fortress and it takes its name from the barges carrying salt on the Salzach River

  • Salzburg has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site due to the many well preserved monuments and architecture


Salzburg - A short Guide


The city is popular with tourists from all over the world for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the great alpine skiing that is available in the area. If you’re not heading to Salzburg for the skiing or if you just fancy a break from the slopes, then you’ll find lots to do around the city. Take a stroll around the city in the summer and head down the Getreidegasse, which is a long narrow street that runs parallel to the river in the centre of town and is home to a plethora of shops that are most famous for the old-style signs hanging from the buildings. There are plenty of museums too such as the Museum of Natural History, the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art which you’ll find on the cliff overlooking the old town and is home to a modest collection of contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries, and one for the kids - the Toy Museum which houses the largest collection of European toys in Austria and has an amusing Kasperltheater, or Puppet Show which has been held every Tuesday and Wednesday for the past 25 years.


Elsewhere you’ll find he Salzburg Zoo which is a nice distraction for those travelling with families, the Casino Salzburg which is a nice night spot for those wanting a little entertainment and even a giant chess board painted on the ground just a little way past the Cathedral. If you’re not phased by the macabre, then a little visit to St Sebastian Cemetery which holds the grave of Mozart’s wife and the Mausoleum of Archbishop Wolfdietrich or the St Peter’s Church, Cemetery and Catacombs which is home to a selection of small catacombs that have been carved into the nearby cliffs and a couple of small chapels. If you feel like some air and a bit of a walk, then head to the Kapuzinerberg hill which is accessible through a dense and thick forest path. There are fantastic views offered across the city and the Alps, as well as pristine fresh air - it makes for a wonderful excursion that isn’t too far from the centre of the city. From there you should head to the imposing Hohensalzburg fortress which is perched on a hill top, casting its dominant shadow over the city.


The International airport at Salzburg is named after the composer Mozart - W.A Mozart International, and is well connected to many major European cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Birmingham and London, as well as being just a short distance from Salzburg’s centre. The airport welcomes more than 1.5 million passengers every year, many of whom are flying in to ski. You can browse all the available car rental deals for Salzburg and Salzburg Airport here at Car Rentals Network and pick up your car either at the airport or in the city centre. If you’re travelling to Salzburg in the winter seasons, then it’s advisable to take snow tyres as an extra for your car - especially if you’re planning on driving into the mountains. From the airport you can reach the city easily, and can even drive on to other close by ski destinations in Germany’s Munich or Austria’s capital - Vienna.

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