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Burgas (or Bourgas) is city on the Southern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. The city was once just a series of fishing villages and by the end of the 19th century still had only 3000 inhabitants. These days the city is a large tourist attraction built by the sea and home to three lakes: Vaya (often referred to as the Burgas lake), Atanaskovsko and Mandrensko lake, as well as the two old towns of Nesebar and Sozopol. If you’re a nature lover, then you’ll find lots to love in Burgas, such as beaches and camp sites in the middle of the region’s impressive flora and fauna. It’s a good idea to rent a car in Burgas, as seeing the lakes and beaches can be difficult by public transport. As well as being a popular black sea tourist destination, Burgas is also a focal point for business travellers as it an important economic centre. 


Burgas - The Facts


  • A little under 250,000 people live in Burgas and it is the 4th largest city in Bulgaria
  • Burgas is the second biggest holiday resort on the Black Sea’s Coast
  • The port of Burgas is the largest in the whole of Bulgaria
  • Burgas is the cultural centre of the region and has its own Opera and dramatic theatre as well as many galleries

Burgas - A short Guide 


Bulgaria is growing in popularity for international travellers looking for something a little bit different, and Burgas is leading the way. It’s location on the south of the Black Sea Coast makes it a perfect destination for those wanting to explore the coastline, whilst its proximity to 3 major lakes makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers. The Bay of Burgas is beautiful, with long vistas filled with blue waters, green banks and intriguing architecture. The weather in the region is good with average summer temperatures of 27 C, while the locals are friendly and average prices low - especially by European standards. If you are on a budget trip, then one of the best ways to experience the city is by camping there. There are a mix of camp sites scattered around the city, its lakes and the sea front most of which are to the south of the city and there is a nice mix of mid-range and luxury accomodation in the city centre if you prefer to stay indoors. Though the campsites are mostly reachable by public transport - it’s advisable to hire a car in Burgas, as getting around the city with luggage can be a little uncomfortable, and exploring the city’s nature is much easier when going at your own pace. 


The city is an industrial centre, with oil production at its heart but its tourism is slowly but surely buildings pace. There are a number of museums in the city, including the Historical Museum which tells the story of both local and national history through a series of exhibitions, the Nature and Science museum and the Ethnographic museum which includes various ethno exhibitions. The nature of the area is the real show stopper though, with Vaya lake, the largest natural lake in Bulgaria that is a popular fishing spot, Atanasovsko lake which is a great place to go bird spotting (with more than 70% of all of Bulgaria’s bird species living here), Mandrensko lake that has one of the largest bird migration ‘highways’ passing over it each year and a variety of wetland areas and pretty gardens. If you’re in Burgas during the summer months, then you may want to try out some water sports. At St. Anastasia Island (formerly known as Bolshevik island) and the North beach you can have a go at surfing and kite surfing, while during the Burgas Yachting Week at the end of April, you can leisurely watch yachts from Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Romani and Bulgaria from the port or the Most (bridge). 


The city of Burgas is quickly coming known as a bit of a part area and the summer beach parties are some of the most popular. The north beach is home to Caribe, which is an open air club open seasonally - playing popular music, disco and club well into the small hours, while Barcode in on the beach alley under the theatre and plays electro and trance and is open 24 hours. There are plenty of indoors bars and clubs too, such as the Alibi which is located in the Sea Garden along with bars like Tequila and Gramofona which all play a steady mix of electro, house and commercial music whilst serving a plethora of cocktails. When you get hungry you’ll find the main streets are populated with an assortment of international eateries, and during the summer months, there are a series of pop-up restaurants on the coast. Head to the North Beach in the Sea Garden to take advantage of the many sea view restaurants. 


The best way to see the city and the locale is to rent a car in Burgas. You can rent relatively cheaply in Bulgaria so hiring is a good option to make sure you see everything there is to see to in the city.  You can compare all of the car rental services available in Burgas right here on the Car Rentals Network website to make sure you get the cheapest car rental deals for your visit to Bulgaria.

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