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Golden Sands
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Welcome to Golden Sands

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Golden Sands is a major resort town on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast not too far away from Varna which itself is the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria and the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea. If you’re in search of sun and sea on a holiday to Bulgaria, then you can’t really do much better. Golden Sands has some 4km of sandy beach and is within easy distance of other major resorts along the coast - all perfectly explorable by car, and the nightlife in Golden Sands is easily some of the best offered on the coast, with vibrant night clubs, terrace dining and a range of bars from more traditional to contemporary. If you’re not staying in Golden Sands - but want to visit it, then bare in mind that most of the hotels are for pre-booked package holidays - so either book ahead or look into staying in Varna instead.


Golden Sands - The Facts


  • Golden Sands was Bulgaria’s first purpose built resort town.The first hotel opened in 1957 and by the 1970's the Golden Sands of today was beginning to take shape
  • Golden Sands may have a bit of a far off feel to it - but in fact it’s a just a quick 3 hour flight to nearby Varna, from the UK From the UK, British Airways, Bulgaria Air and Wiz Air operate flights directly to Varna. Others offer flights to Sofia - which is another good option for getting to Golden Sands but is some 200 miles away
  • Golden Sands actually has it’s own replica of Paris’s Eiffel tower - it has an observation deck and restaurant inside
  • Temperatures in Golden Sands reach into the 30s during the peak summer months of July and August 

Golden Sands - A short Guide


One of the better ways to explore Golden Sands is by using it as a base for exploration on the Black Sea Coast. But that isn’t to say there isn’t plenty to do there - because there is. If you’re visiting Bulgaria purely for a beach holiday - then you’re going to love it there. The 4 KM stretch of beach is golden home to inviting clear waters, and though it’s quite built up, it still retains a few areas of quiet for those who like to escape the crowds. For the more adventurous types, you’ll love the plethora of activities that are available on the beach. There are jet ski’s, banana boats, wind surfing, parasailing and yachting all readily available. Even if you’re not an accomplished skipper you can rent a smaller sized boat or a larger one with a captain for the day. If you feel like relaxing then head to one of the beach massage parlous and then grab a spot and sun yourself for the day, with a cocktail from the bar. On the beach you can take part in tennis matches and volleyball or you can head into the forest for a picnic lunch on horseback at the equestrian centre.


If you prefer your sports a little more high-octane and dry, then a visit to the off-road adventure centre at Chiflika Chukurovo will suit you. There you can head into the forest either on a quad bike or a jeep and afterwards visit the ethnographic centre close by. If you‘re not into off-road driving then the Go Kart track might be more you thing - it’s situated at the northern end of Golden Sands Beach, closeby to the yacht port, and there’s even a crazy golf course if you want a little fun afterwards. The track isn’t very large though, so if you want something a little bigger - either try the off road centre or head to Varna where there is a larger track - which is actually the largest in Bulgaria. While you’re in Varna you should also check out the Archaeological museum and the 19th century Bulgarian summer palace Euxinograd. There are some great beaches in Varna too - so be sure to take a look while you’re there, and if you stay into the evening, a visit to one of the city’s waterside restaurants will round off your evening perfectly.


Hiring a car in Bulgaria and Golden Sands is a useful thing to do, you can pick up your hire car at whichever airport you land in, whether in Varna or Sofia and easily drive to the Golden Sands resort - though be warned the drive from Sofia will be quite lengthy so it might be wise to make a few stops on the way. Once you’re there, a car hire from Car Rentals Network, will help you to get around the coastline, exploring lost coves and interesting seaside villages. We have plenty of options for car rentals in Bulgaria - so use the booking form on this page now to find cheap car rental deals for your Golden Sands holiday.

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