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Sunny Beach

Welcome to Sunny Beach

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Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach is a purpose built seaside resort on the Black Sea. It is Bulgaria’s largest and most popular beach - destination - awash with sandy beaches and glittering opaque waters. If you’re just looking to top up your tan through the day and party at night, then Sunny Beach can do no wrong. For those of you wanting a little more - there's a plethora of sports to take part in, and for the adventurous - there’s plenty to see and do in the area - including the small towns and lost beaches that line the coast, and just 35 KM away, is the impressive coastal city of Burgas. When planning your trip, be sure to remember that Sunny Beach is a package holiday resort - so most of what’s available will be pre-booked package options - so either pre-book or stay in Nesebar which is close by instead. Nesebar is a good option for car rentals as is Burgas.


Sunny Beach - The Facts


  • There are approximately 800 hundred hotels in Sunny Beach, culminating in some 300,000 beds. The main hotels can be found on a strip close to the beach, which stretches several kilometers between Sveti Vlas and Nessebar.
  • Construction at Sunny Beach resort began during communist times in 1958. The resort was built where two ancient wells, that supplied Nessebar with water, were found.
  • Sunny Beach’s climate is Mediterranean - making it a popular spot with tourists the world over - but you’ll find the majority of tourists are Russian, German and English.
  • Temperatures in Sunny reach into the 30s during the peak summer months of July and August
  • If you’re flying in then then you’ll no doubt land either in Burgas airport or Varna Airport. Burgas is the closest at 25 KM, while Varna Airport is around 100 KM away. You can easily pre-book your car rental to be picked up either airport, though for ease we suggest flying into Burgas. 

Sunny Beach - A short Guide


Sunny Beach is the biggest of all the seaside resorts on Bulgaria’s black coast. Trimmed with vast golden sandy beaches and shimmering blue waters, it’s well deserving of its status as a sun-seekers paradise. As well as laying back and enjoying the sun and the scenery, there are plenty of beach activities to take part in - from volleyball and parasailing to snorkelling and boating. Not too far away from the sea there are a range of great activities for kids too including carousels, pony rides, swimming pools and an 18 hole mini gold course. For something a little different, head to Horrorwood, which is a haunted house style attraction, near the Hotel Pirin. For adults only, there are a range of nightclubs and bars scattered around the island - it’s a lot livelier than the northern Golden Sands which is more family orientated. The nightclubs are plentiful and many go on all through the night - so it’s a perfect options for those looking for long nights and lazy days.


The foodies are well catered for as well - with somewhere in the region of 150 restaurants in Sunny Beach - and many many more in the near by cities of Varna and Burgas. The restaurants in Sunny Beach are pleasantly diverse - with a vast eclectic collection that takes in everything the fast food of McDonald’s to luxurious terrace restaurants and everything in-between. If you are planning on visiting the nearby Burgas then you’ll find plenty of things to do. There is of course the Burgas Beach (though Varna’s urban beach offering is a little better) though if you’re visiting Burgas then you really should seem some of the attractions. There is a Maritime Park, with colourfully manicured flower beds, abstract sculptures and a series of terraces with views out over the beach - after that, the China Tea House will provide you a welcome tea-break that is also home to a number of Oil paintings by local artists. If you have time to take a look at Varna, then don’t miss the impressive Euxinograd, which is a former Bulgarian Royal summer palace built in the 19th century, and the medieval Aladzha Monastery - which is a Christian cave complex just a little way out of Varna and close by to Golden Sands resort.


Hiring a car in Bulgaria and Sunny beach can be useful to help you get around and sea more of the country. You can pick up your hire car at whichever airport you land in, whether in Burgas or Varna and easily drive to the Sunny Beach resort - though be warned the drive from Varna is considerably longer. Once you’re there, car hire from Car Rentals Network, will help you to get around the beautiful black sea coastline, exploring lost coves and quaint seaside villages. We have plenty of options for car rentals in Bulgaria - so use the booking form on this page now to find cheap car rental deals for your Sunny Beach holiday.

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