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Welcome to Prague

Cheapest deals for car hire in Prague at your Fingertips. Compare our discount deals and BOOK NOW!

Car Rentals Network is your first port of call for great discount car rentals for Prague. Whether your journey to Prague is for business or pleasure you won’t need to go any further than Car Rentals Network to find the best prices and the best car rental service out there. Read on for information on everything the Car Rentals Network has to offer to make your Prague car rental experience second to none. Browse through this guide to cheap car rental and you will find helpful hints and tips to help you understand how to book your car rental through Car Rentals Network, and you can browse our Car Rentals Network Prague Facts section for riveting information, facts and figures about car rental Prague. Try now our easy to book car hire prague.


How Does we find the best deals?

Car Rentals Network works by comparing the rates of thousands and thousands of discount car rental deals finding you the cheapest, most suitable deals on offer in over 30000 different places all over the world. Use the Car Rentals Network Search Form to get car rental quotations for Prague quickly and conveniently. Just enter the details and watch as the system finds you the best deals in seconds. We recommend you try it out!


Features Guaranteed with a our Booking

With every booking you make through the Car Rentals Network you can be sure that the process is speedy and simple. We give you a search facility that is second to none, a secure online payment system. With Car Rentals Network you can book over the phone, or on our website, and in the case of an emergency such as a delayed flight, or cancelled flight our travel advisors in our 24 hr call centre are on hand to give you advice and information. So, don’t delay - book your Prague car rental deal now in a matter of seconds using a secure, fast and simple online booking system.


Keeping you Informed of the Cheapest Deals

The handy Car Rentals Network Green ‘Thumbs-Up Sign’ appears on the search results and immediately tells you what the cheapest car rental deals in Prague are.

With the Car Rentals Network, easy to understand symbols are displayed on every search result, so you can instantly understand what your Prague car rental deal involves. Hover over the symbol and a helpful explanation of what the symbol means instantly appears, so you have a simple, quick way of knowing which cars have which features such as satellite navigation, air conditioning and different luggage capacities.


Facts about Prague

  • Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic
  • Prague’s urban city zone has approximately 1.3 million people, while the whole city of Prague is home to approximately 2 million people
  • Prague was a filming location used in ‘Mission Impossible’ starring Tom Cruise
  • Prague Castle is one of the biggest surviving castles in the world
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