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Tallinn Airport
Tallinn Airport

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Estonia is a small country and Baltic state that borders both Russia and Latvia. It offers up an excellent mix of medieval and modern tourism, spanning Tallinn’s medieval old town through to the serene island of Saaremaa which is home to an historic castle as well as perfectly modern, relaxing spa hotels. In-between you’ll find unspoiled beaches, enchanting forests and an intriguing mix of architectural styles. With Car Rentals Network, you can compare all the top car hire services available in Estonia such as Hertz, Europcar and Dollar to find the best deals for your visit to Estonia.


Estonia - The Facts


• Estonia is home to a little under 1 and a half million people, making it one of the least densely populated countries in Europe
• In 2013, The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, became the first capital city in Europe to offer its residents free public transport. As a result, the city saw a significant increase in the number of registered Tallinners
• Estonia was the first Eastern European country awarded the right to host the Eurovision song content, due to their win in 2001, by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton, the latter was the first ever black winner of the contest|
• Estonia is very much a technologically forward country. They were one of the first to initiate online political voting and Estonian’s were the inventors of such groundbreaking softwares such as Skype and the early file sharing programme - Kaaza. The Estonian education system also puts a heavy emphasis on technology learning
• The tallest mountain in Estonia is Suur Munamägi, which measures in at a slight 318 metres tall
• The Estonians, rather poetically sang their way out of the grasp of the Soviet Union. 1000’s of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patriotic songs and share protest speeches, until they were finally awarded independence in 1991.


Estonia - A short Guide


Estonia has a rich and diverse history as well as a very interesting past, which includes being occupied by Germans, Russians and the Swedish, there are elements of each culture to be seen all around the country. Perhaps the most striking example is the Medieval old town of Tallinn. Here you can see incredibly well preserved examples of Hanseatic architecture, it looks especially enchanting in winter when the buildings are layered with snow. It’s like wondering the streets of a fairytale, and not too dissimilar to cities like Nuremberg in Germany and Bruges in Belgium.The second largest city in Estonia is Tartu, which amongst other things, is often referred to as Estonia’s intellectual capital. It has a nice selection of architecture, but most of the medieval buildings were destroyed in the great fire of Tartu in 1775, so much of the city was rebuilt along Late Baroque and Neoclassical lines, a nice example of which is the Tartu Town Hall. If it’s Estonia’s cities that you’re interested in, then a visit to Viljandi should be on your list of things to do. It’s in the South of the country and is a small city full of cobbled streets, medieval architecture and a sky blue lake. If you’re interested in music, then a visit to Viljandi during the folk music festival in July is an absolute must to help you get a feel for the culture and old ways of the country. Other cities include the culturally diverse Jõhvi, the cosy Paide Town and the impressive Narva City, which is home to the best-preserved castle in Estonia and many fine examples of Soviet architecture.


Outside of the cities you’ll also find miles and miles wild areas including the Karula National Park and the Lahemaa National Park which is home to beautiful bays, peninsulas and forests. Best of all it’s just 50km east of Tallinn so it’s easy enough to reach by car from the capital. If you’re in the mood for a swim in the sea, then you should head to Vilsandi National Park that has 163km of sea as well as 160 island islets. If you’d like to explore more of Estonia’s coastline, then you could try Võsu which is a beachside village in Lahemaa National Park, Laulasmaa which you’ll find on the Lahepere Bay just 30 minutes away from Tallinn or Noarootsi which as well as being home to unspoiled natural landscapes and diverse flora and fauna was once also the settlement area of Estonian Sweded. If you’re hoping to take advantage of the beaches and wide open spaces in Estonia, then make sure you plan your trip well, as the summers in Estonia are short when compared to other European countries.


As Estonia is a part of Europe, many people (including British nationals) can visit the country without the need of a visa. The biggest airport in Estonia is Tallinn Airport which has many international flights from the likes of Air Baltic, Lufthansa, Finnair and Easyjet flying to and from destinations all over the world including Goa, Istanbul, Moscow, Amsterdam and London. You can of course drive to Estonia too from the likes of Moscow in Russia and Warsaw in Poland, though both countries are slightly more expensive when it comes to car hire. If you’re flying into Estonia via Tallinn Airport, then the easiest way to book your car rental in Estonia, is by booking in advance with Car Rentals Network. We can help you to compare all of the top rental services in the country, ensuring that you get the best and cheapest deals available.

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