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Tallinn Airport
Tallinn Airport

Welcome to Tallinn

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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, just a short 70km from Helsinki. The main attraction in Tallinn is the medieval centre of the city which is covered with quaint cobbled streets, medieval architecture and stoney alleyways leading to lively squares, past churches, houses and warehouses that date as far back as the 11th century. The fairytale like appeal of the city instills a sense of wanderlust as you pass through the superbly well- preserved streets, catching glimpses of a medieval world as though it’s frozen in time, preserved for our appreciation. The city is small by usual capital standards, and so it’s easy to navigate, though if you’re planning on hiring a car in Tallinn, you’ll have to leave it parked when it comes to exploring the old town, as driving is strictly limited to outside the old town walls.

Tallinn - The Facts


  • Tallinn was voted as the European capital of culture in 2011

  • The Old Town is incredibly well preserved and as such is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Tallinn is home to the last surviving Gothic style town hall in the world. It dates back to the 13th century

  • The population of Tallinn is a little under half a million people, more than a quarter of which live in the Lasnamäe district

  • Tallinn is made up mostly of Estonians, Russians, Belorussians, Ukrainians and Finns. The most common languages spoken in the city are Estonian and Russian


Tallinn - A short Guide


Tallinn is a diverse city, combining the comforts of the modern world, such as technology and luxury hotels with a rich culture and intriguing history. Due to its size, it’s easy to navigate and doesn’t suffer from large amounts of traffic like other European cities, so even if you can only visit the capital for a short trip, you’ll still get to see so very much. From walking the streets of the old town, taking in beautiful old churches, quaint Germanic looking restaurants and authentic Hanseatic architecture, to the city business centre right next door, home to skyscrapers forged from glass and steel towering high above the rest of the city’s skyline - the city of Tallinn has a little bit of everything. Indeed, walking from the old town to the business centre is mystifying, like stepping out of a dream, back to the realities of the modern world. You can shop and eat in the charming surrounds of Hanseatic houses and bars and then dance and drink in a nightclub such as Club Prive or Nightclub Cafe Amigo in the newer part of town.


Some interesting attractions and architecture of note in the city include the Viru Gate which is the entrance to Viru street, home to a plethora of trendy shops, restaurants and bars - and probably the greatest concentration of tourists in the city, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which is a classic onion domed Russian Othodox church, Toompea Hill which was the site of the Danish castle that founded the city in 1219, the Stroomi Beach in North Tallinn and Seaplane Harbour where as well as visiting the Maritime museum, you can take a boat out on the water and contemplate the stunning views of Tallinn Bay. Just a short drive out of the city, you'll find the beautiful Kadriorg Palace, built in 1725 by Peter the Great, it is one of just a handful of examples of Petrine Baroque architecture found outside of Russia's St. Petersburg. If you’re intrigued by the more recent side of Tallinn’s history and interested in the Soviet era, then you might consider staying in the Sokus Hotel Viru, which has become something of a tourist pull in its own right. It was the first high rise building to be built in Estonia, but more intriguingly was home to a secret KGB radio centre concealed in a small room (the room is now open as a museum) on the 23rd floor of the hotel that wasn’t discovered until 3 years after the KGB had left the building in 1994. Sixty of the hotel’s rooms were bugged along with many of the tables in the hotel restaurant.


There are a number of ways to get to Tallinn, but if you’re coming from mainland Europe or the rest of the world, it’s most likely that you’ll arrive at Tallinn International Airport. It’s located just 5km from the city centre on the shore of Lake Ülemiste and is serviced by a number of airlines including Air Baltic, Finnair, Lufthansa, Ryanair and Easyjet, flying between destinations such as Riga, Munich, London, Liverpool, Dublin, Manchester, Bremen and Barcelona. If you’re travelling from or onwards to Russia, then you can take a train between Tallinn and Moscow or St. Petersburg, while busses are frequent between Tallinn and other Estonian cities as well as Riga, Vilnius and St. Petersburg. If you’re in Helsinki and feel like making an entrance on your visit to Tallinn, then you could even take a ride over the Gulf of Finland by helicopter, or, if you’re feeling a little more grounded, you can travel by ferry. Once you’re in Tallinn, you’ll have a number of options for travel, including bus and taxi, but by far the most convenient way to travel is to do so by car. You can get your rental car in Tallinn by comparing all the hire services available right here on the Car Rentals Network website. Use our simple search feature now to compare all the best car rental deals in Tallinn and remember to book ahead to get the best price. 

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