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Welcome to Manchester

Cheapest deals for car hire in Manchester. Compare our discount deals and BOOK NOW!

Are you are looking for car hire Manchester deals at discount prices? Well begin you journey here with the Car Rentals Network! Read on and we tell you all there is to know about getting the best, cheapest car hire experience money can buy. We also have some facts about Manchester at the bottom of the page so you can get to know your destination before you leave for it.


Car rental Manchester

We Compare Thousands of Car Hire Manchester Deals in Seconds

We have a state of the art car hire search system which searches for cheap car hire deals fast and uses a nifty comparison system to find you the best car rental Manchester deals all over the world. In 30000 locations to be precise. The search engine is waiting for you to find car hire Manchester deals for you in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is enter your requirements and click search, and you will be amazed at the cheap car hire Manchester deals that show up in just a few seconds. Our search system gives you a lot of choice in great car rental Manchester deals and whether you are looking to find a deal based on price, or whether you are looking for a particular car feature such as air conditioning, or satellite navigation, our search system can find the best car rental Manchester deal there is.


Car rental Manchester

Our Search and Payment System is Fast, Safe and Secure 

Every great car rental Manchester deal is easy to book using the search and booking system we have designed. If you are looking for the best price our search results page displays a green ‘Thumbs-Up Sign’ beside the best, cheapest deals. You can scroll down through the results and you will see individual car features highlighted in colourful, easy to understand symbols which tell you whether the car has features you may be looking for such as air conditioning, or satellite navigation.


Car rental Manchester

Facts about Manchester

  • Some think that the word ‘Manchester’ derives from Roman times when the ancient Roman word, ‘Mamucium’ referred to a Roman Fort or Settlement
  • Manchester was bombed extensively during the Second World War, and a large part of the city was destroyed in 1940 in the so-called ‘Christmas Blitz’ when nearly 500 tonnes of explosives rained down on the City
  • Manchester is home to nearly 400,000 people

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