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Welcome to Birmingham


Find Discount car rental prices available in Birmingham. Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city and much like the capital, it has been undergoing something of a radical change since the 1990s, with on-going regeneration plans and new architecture popping up all around the city. After starting life as a market town, and later as a city of many trades, it is now a city of rich culture and, losing out only to London, one of the top shopping destinations in the UK. The city is well known for being home to an array of complicated road systems but also for its accessibility and it’s for this reason that a hire car in Birmingham is often the best choice of transport for business travellers and tourists alike.


Birmingham - The Facts

• The people of Birmingham are affectionately known as Brummies and they have a distinct dialect. When pronouncing Birmingham for example, the g is pronounced hard as in Birming-gum
• Just a little under 2 million people live in Birmingham
• The world renowned author JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings etc) lived much of his childhood in Birmingham. Both of his parents were born there while he himself was born in South Africa
• One of Britain’s most iconic cars - The Mini was produced in Birmingham between 1959 and 2000
• Birmingham as more miles of Canal than both Venice and Amsterdam
• Birmingham was once known as the ‘City of 1000 Trades’, mostly because of it’s manufacture of things such as Guns, pens and Jewellery - the latter of which is still going strong today in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter


Birmingham - A short Guide


Very much affirming itself as a city for culture and shopping, Birmingham is a good weekend trip option for tourists visiting the capital, and is home a busy metropolitan centre with lots of shops, malls and world class restaurants, including 3 Michelin Starred restaurants - which is the most in any UK city outside of London. The city is home to a plethora of galleries and museums too, some of the most distinguished include The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which as well as a good amount of local history is also a loving home to a large collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter which is a fascinating look into an abandoned jewellery workshop, and the Ikon Gallery, that is home to between 2 and 3 contemporary installations and a popular cafe. If you feel like something a little different, then a trip to Cadbury World might be in order. This chocolate factory is home to, well, lots of chocolate. You can visit the factory floor, taste chocolate and even buy mis-shaped chocolates in the shop for a fraction of the original cost. A must for all chocoholics.


If you’d like to just walk the streets then you’ll be in for a treat. There are some nice churches around the city including St Philip’s that dates back to 1715, the 12th Century St Laurence’s Church and the beautiful Gothic Revival St Augustine’s Church, as well as lots of open spaces in and around the city, including parks such as Handsworth Park where as well as taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery you can also go boating on the park pond. If you’re a fan of architecture, then you’ll find a stunning selection of High Victorian buildings including the red brick and terracotta Victoria Law Courts, while the futuristic Selfridges building from 2003, is a pleasure to both look at and shop in. The building is unique and has 15,000 aluminium discs covering its surface. You’ll also find the Bull Ring shopping centre right next door so it’s a good place to head for your shopping fix. In the evening, you’ll have a great range of activities to choose from, including a choice of more than 400 restaurants in the city centre and a nice range of clubs. The city has quite a high student population so you won’t find the bars and clubs to be too expensive, especially the student bars. If you’d like to visit Birmingham’s largest club then head to the legendary Gatecrasher club for an all night party.


Getting to Birmingham is easy enough, from the East you can simply take the M6 or the M1 or if you’re travelling from the North East then take the M6 or M42, while those of you travelling from the South can jump on the M5 or the M40. You can of course fly directly into Birmingham via Birmingham International Airport, which is just 10km outside of the city so it’s a good choice if you’re heading to Birmingham for a short break. You can choose to rent your car from the airport and any number of locations throughout the city, including the major railway stations. If you’re flying direct, then it’s a good idea to book your car rental in advance. There are a lot of providers to choose from, so we can help you by comparing all of the available options ensuring you get the best car hire deal in Birmingham.

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